Jun 07, 2021

When it comes to trimming your cat’s nails, using a pair of quality nail clippers can turn a nerve-racking ordeal into a successful grooming experience for your cat and for you. Unfortunately, telling the difference between a reliable pair of trimmers and an inferior pair isn’t as simple as it sounds, and that’s why we’ve created a list of our favorite cat nail clippers.

While some individuals may swear by their grinder style trimmers, we’ve found they cause our feline friends nothing but anxiety, which is why we’ve chosen to focus on pliers and scissors instead. Before you purchase your next pair of cat nail clippers take a peek at our favorites, and if you and your cat are really struggling with nail clipping, read the tips we’ve provided to help the process go smoother next time.

Top-Rated Cat Nail Clippers

Best Overall
Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
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Best Mid Range
Our Score 9.0 Out of 10
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Cheaper Choice
Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.4 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.2 Out of 10
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GoPet Nail Clippers

Our Score 9.2 out of 10
GoPets Pet Nail Clipper for Large Dogs and Cats with Nail File and Quick Sensor Safety Guard, Orange / Black
GoPets Pet Nail Clipper for Large Dogs and Cats with Nail File and Quick Sensor Safety Guard, Orange / Black amazon.com Check price

MUST BE AWESOME - 1000 people can't be wrong, the quality of the clippers will be evident as soon as you pick up the clippers.
GREAT PET NAIL CLIPPERS ON AMAZON - Professional Quality Large Pet Nai...

GoPet Nail clippers are a reliable product that allows you to safely and effectively trim your cat’s claws. The trimmer comes in two sizes, small and large. The small clipper is equipped with a 2mm thick stainless steel blade, while the large clipper has a 3.5mm thick blade. The stainless steel blade design provides a quick and clean cut, which is perfect for a fast nail clipping session.

The sensor safety guard, which stops you from over trimming your cat’s claws, coupled with the handles’ non-slip grip makes GoPet Nail Clippers a safe tool to use on your furry companion.

As a little extra gift, GoPet Nail clippers come with a nail file, which is a great way to maintain your cat’s nails in-between nail clipping sessions.

Gonicc Professional Pet Clippers

Our Score 9.0 out of 10
gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer - Best for Cats, Small Dogs and Any Small Pets. Sharp Angled Blade Pet Nail Trimmer Scissors.
gonicc Professional Pet Nail Clippers and Trimmer - Best for Cats, Small Dogs and Any Small Pets. Sharp Angled Blade Pet Nail Trimmer Scissors. amazon.com Check price

Best For Small Pets - Our claw scissors have been designed to be used on small animals, such as cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, birds and even bunny. Use them as cat nail clippers, dog nail trimmers ...

Every cat parent fears over clipping their cat’s nails, which is why Gonicc Professional Pet Clippers has fitted their product with a semi-circular angled blade. This shape makes it much easier to see exactly where you’re cutting, meaning you won’t accidentally trim too close to the nail’s quick.

The clipper’s razor-sharp blade ensures the trimmer will easily cut through your cat’s claws, while the slip-proof handle stops you from inadvertently injuring your fur baby.

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

Our Score 8.7 out of 10
Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs
Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs chewy.com Check price

The Safari Professional Nail trimmer for dogs is made from the finest quality stainless steel which will give you a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge that will stand the test of time.
Uniquely desig...

The Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer is known for its quick and clean cuts. The blades curved design promotes a precise trim, while the safety stop helps prevent wiggly cats from getting injured.

On top of fantastic blade control, the Safari Professional Trimmer also has a large rubber coated handle that helps prevent slippage. Overall, this impressive cat nail clipper is a durable and reliable grooming tool.

Pet Republique Cat Nail Clipper

Our Score 8.4 out of 10
Pet Republique Cat Nail Clipper
Pet Republique Cat Nail Clipper chewy.com Check price

Keep your kitty’s claws nice and short with Pet Republique’s Cat Nail Clippers! These stainless-steel blades are engineered to last manicure after manicure—delivering precise and perfectly groomed ...

Ideal for small animals like cats, the Pet Republique Cat Nail Clipper’s half-moon design supports easy placement, meaning you can see exactly where the blade will cut, which makes avoiding the quick a much simpler task.

The rubber around the clipper’s inner handle lessens finger slippage and makes the trimmer comfortable to hold.

Not only is this a great and safe product, but the company also promises to donate 15% of its profits to the American Animal Rescue Society.

Boshel Cat Nail Clippers

Our Score 8.2 out of 10
Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel - With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File - Razor Sharp Blades - Sturdy Non Slip Handles - For Safe, Professional At Home Grooming
Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel - With Safety Guard to Avoid Over-cutting Nails & Free Nail File - Razor Sharp Blades - Sturdy Non Slip Handles - For Safe, Professional At Home Grooming amazon.com Check price

★ RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS: The Boshel pet nail clipper is an ergonomically designed Powerful and easy-to-use pet grooming tool, the nail trimmer is recommended by animal trainers, veterinarian...

Like all our chosen trimmers, Boshel Cat Nail Clippers are made of high-quality stainless steel that cuts through your cat’s claws in one clean motion. The blade’s specialized safety guard keeps you from trimming your cat’s nails too short.

While your cat’s comfort is essential, Boshel Cat Nail Clippers also takes your comfort into consideration, meaning its large, non-slip handle will fit snug in your hand, which makes all the difference when trimming your cat’s claws.

To put it simply, Boshel makes a well-rounded cat nail clipper that turns grooming your pet’s nails into a much more relaxed endeavor.

Do You Really Need to Clip Your Cat’s Nails?

If you’re hoping we’ll say no, we hate to disappoint you, but clipping your cat’s nails is a necessity. For starters, if you have a cat, you’ve most definitely been scratched by a cat, and while most scratches are harmless, there is a risk of infection, especially if the cat has fleas. A cat scratch mixed with flea feces can expose you or your loved ones to a bacterium called Bartonella Henselae, which is what causes cat scratch disease. Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed and protecting them against fleas is key to keeping your family healthy

Your cat’s health is another reason clipping their nails is essential. Cat’s nails grow in layers, which requires them to shed the top layer to reach the sharper layer underneath. Scratching is the only way to do this. Unfortunately, cats don’t always do a good job, meaning they can end-up with ingrown nails that are painful and infected. Using a cat nail clipper to trim your furry friend’s nails on a regular basis can stop this from happening.

Your furniture’s well-being is another reason you should trim your cat’s nails. Whether cat owners like it or not, cats have an inherent need to sharpen their claws which doesn’t bode well for your furniture. Fortunately, keeping your cat’s nails trimmed will save your favorite chair or your newly installed carpeting. Having a scratching post or two in your home will also help keep your belongings safe.

A Guide to Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

How often you trim your cat’s nails depends on a few important factors. First, does your cat stay indoors or is it allowed outside? Cats that venture outdoors have a better chance of naturally wearing down their nails, while indoor cats require more frequent nail trims. Second, does your cat use a scratching post? If they do, you won’t need to clip their nails as often.

Whether your furry friend explores the great outdoors or is happy perusing their indoor playland, it is highly recommended you use a quality cat nail clipper every 10 to 14 days to trim their claws.

Tips to Consider Before You Start Clipping Your Cat’s Nails

First and foremost, are your cat nail clippers sharp enough to easily cut through your pet’s claws? If you’ve struggled with them before, then they might not be the best pair for you or your kitty. Before your cat’s next grooming session, we suggest buying a pair of first-rate cat nail trimmers.

When and where you trim your cat’s claws can have a serious effect on how well they react. A quiet, familiar room will help relax them, while a big meal before will guarantee your cat is happy and groggy, meaning it’ll be easier to appease them.

It’s best to have another person help you while trimming your cat’s nails. A second person can help the whole process go much faster which your cat will greatly appreciate.

Getting to Know Your Cat’s Claws

Cat’s usually have five claws on each front paw and four claws on each back paw. However, there are cats that have extra digits, so it’s important for you to get to know your cat’s paws before clipping their nails.

Cats’ claws are retractable, meaning you’ll need to extend them before you can trim them. You can do this by gently rubbing the top and bottom of each toe. It’s best to familiarize yourself and your cat with this method by practicing it consistently before you attempt to trim their nails.

If you look closely at the base of your cat’s claws, you’ll see a small pink or red area—this is called the quick. The quick is filled with nerves and blood vessels. Cutting into the quick is painful for your cat and can cause them to bleed. If you accidentally nick the quick with your clippers, stay calm and apply a small amount of corn starch or flour to the end of the nail. The corn starch or flour works as a coagulant and should stop the bleeding long enough for a clot to develop. If you can’t get the bleeding to stop, call your vet.

Teach Your Cat to Sit Still Before Trimming Their Nails

Cats don’t necessarily hate getting their nails trimmed. What they’re not keen on is sitting still for a prolonged period, especially when their feet are being touched. Getting your cat accustomed to this sensation will help keep them calm when it’s time to bring out the cat nail clippers.

Cutting Your Cat’s Nails Shouldn’t be a Battle

Turn trimming your cat’s nails into a pleasant experience by using techniques that keep them calm and happy, such as gentle petting, talking in a quiet voice, and providing them with yummy treats. If they start fighting you, put the cat nail clippers down and let your feline friend go; otherwise, your cat will forever hate getting their nails trimmed.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Cat Nail Clippers

There are some simple, but important features that make a good cat nail clipper. The first is a stainless steel blade. Anything other than stainless steel can cause your cat’s nails to splinter or break when you’re trimming them.

Next, you’ll need to choose between a spring-loaded clipper and a manual trimmer. A spring-loaded clipper requires less work from you, but you have a little less control, while manual clippers require a little more muscle, but allow you to stop cutting if something is wrong. Both types are effective and which one you choose depends on your personal preference.

Top-notch cat nail clippers also come with a no-slip grip and a safety lock that ensures the sharp stainless steel blade is safely put away when not in use.

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